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[Description = "A structural beam is a common element in many mechanical structures such as ship propeller shaft, crane boom, and air craft wings. In the present paper experimental and numerical modal analysis are carried out for estimating the damage detection, geometric location of the damage, severity of damage and residual life of structural beam to prevent unexpected failures of the mechanical structures. Experimental and numerical modal analysis results for healthy and cracked beam are compared for validation of numerical methodology used in the present paper. Experimental modal analysis is performed on both healthy and cracked beam with the help of impact hammer, acceleration sensor and FFT analyzer associated with EDM (Engineering Data Management) software. Modal tests are conducted using impact method on selected locations of the entire healthy and cracked beam to find the first three natural frequencies, which are used to detect the presence of damage and geometric location of the damage. Three parametric studies are carried out to know the effect of crack depth, crack location and crack orientation on the natural frequencies of the cracked beam. Finally, residual life of a healthy and cracked beam was estimated using Basiquin’s equation and finite element analysis software called ANSYS 18.1."]