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[Description = "Among all the functions served by forest ecosystems an increasingly important role is played by their social function. These ecosystems have been traditionally associated with tourism and recreation and as a result also interest in the appraisal of non-productive functions of forests has been increasing. The value of the natural environment is not tangible and it may be assessed only based on subjective opinions and attitudes of the general public. A contingent valuation method based on the Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept has been applied to determine the nature value of a landscape dominated by forests within the boundaries of a national park in central Poland. The most important aim of this study was to determine the propensity of individuals actively using the environmental goods to pay fees charged by the Wielkopolska National Park. Dependencies between the inclination of local residents to pay fees for the possibility to use the Wielkopolska National Park and selected variables were determined using the logit model approach. It was observed that the willingness to incur costs for the use of the Wielkopolska National Park grows with an increase in the awareness of the respondents concerning financial requirements related to environmental protection, their knowledge on the Park and membership in environmental organisations. Based on the conducted studies it was found that environmental education provided to the general public is a necessary pre-requisite to making the public aware of the need to finance actions related to preservation of the natural environment and nature conservation."]