Geographic Information System as a tool to support environmental monitoring and management – case study of bottom sediments

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System Informacji Geograficznej, jako narzędzie wspomagające monitoring i zarządzanie środowiskiem – przykład osadów dennych


Rozpondek, Katarzyna


geochemical classification ; heavy metals ; decision making


The aim of the conducted studies was made to develop a bottom sediment monitoring network for selected water reservoirs of the Silesian voivodeship (Ostrowy, Poraj and Dzierżno Duże reservoirs). Based on the obtained spatial distributions, the location of points was selected, which should be considered in further studies. In the search for the solution, it was assumed that the network enabling collection of reliable results on the sludge quality, while minimising financial outlays, should not exceed 25% of measurement points from the base year. In order to define the quality and accuracy of the planned network, a visual assessment of the obtained spatial distributions was used. A comparison of the classification of measurement stations with respect to the quality assessment of the geochemical criterion in relation to the selected heavy metal real data, as well as the values obtained on the basis of the simulation was made. Comparative analysis showed a high range of changes in the classification of measuring positions (Ostrowy 0-5 positions, Poraj 0-19 positions, Dzierżno Duże 0-16 positions). This fact is associated with a significant range of base data resulting from high pollution of bottom sediments with individual heavy metals (Ostrowy – Cr, Ni, Poraj – Cd, Pb, Zn, Dzierżno Duży – Cd, Zn). Considering the conducted research, it was found that the sustainable management of the environment by determining the bottom sediment monitoring network of the Ostrowy, Poraj and Dzierżno Duże reservoirs should be based on an individual research approach for each of the facilities. The research allowed to state that GIS has a significant impact on decision-making in the field of environmental management.

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Rocznik Ochrona Środowiska. Vol. 22, s. 648-668


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