Title: Power spectrum analysis for determination of the number of vertical axis wind turbine blades


Technology of wind exploitation has been applied widely all over the world and has already reached the level in which manufacturers want to maximize the yield with the minimum investment outlays. The main objective of this paper is the determination of the optimal number of blades in the Cup-Bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. Optimizing the size of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine allow the reduction of costs and increase the output. The target is the maximum power of the rotor. The optimum number of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine blades evaluation is based on analysis of a single blade simulation and its superposition for the whole rotor. The simulation of working blade was done in MatLab environment. Power spectrum graphs were prepared and compared throughout superposition of individual blades in the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine rotor. Some wind tunnel measurements of the hydrodynamic force according to pitch angle of the blade are also shown. The major result of this research is the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine kmax ratio power characteristic. On the basis of the analysis of the power spectra, optimum number of the blades was specified for the analysed rotor. Power spectrum analysis of wind turbine enabled the specification of the optimal number of blades, and can be used regarding investment outlays and power output of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

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Journal of Mechanical and Energy Engineering. Vol.1 (41), nr 2, s. 153-162


Biblioteka Politechniki Koszalińskiej

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