Tytuł: Analysis of the possibilities of rainwater harvesting based on the AHP method


In the face of the current climate change, the increasing incidence of extreme weather events, prolonged periods of drought and water scarcity, attention should be paid to rational water management with particular emphasis on rainwater. Excessive development and sealing of urban catchments result in a faster outflow of water to the sewage system, which prevents it from reaching the soil and plants. This situation intensifies the drought effect and contributes to the occurrence of urban floods. In order to mitigate the negative impact of this process, solutions allowing for rainwater harvesting should be implemented. A wide variety of systems are currently available on the market to harvest and reuse rainwater. In the publication, the authors analysed four solutions: a green roof, drainage boxes, an underground storage tank, and an infiltration basin. The AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) method was used to select the best rainwater harvesting system, which is one of the methods of Multi-Criteria Decision Making. The analyses considered two different variants in terms of land use: a detached house located in the suburbs of a large agglomeration and a block of flats placed in the city center. According to the analysis and the assumed factors, in both cases, the best solution was to use an underground storage tank. This system proved to be the most advantageous due to the possibility of reuse of water, low construction costs, and ease of exploitation.

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Politechnika Koszalińska






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Rocznik Ochrona Środowiska. Vol. 22, s. 294-307


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