Tytuł: Life cycle assessment of eco-innovative organo-mineralgranulated fertilizer’s production technology

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Ocena cyklu życia eko-innowacyjnej technologii produkcji nawozumineralno-organicznego


This paper presents the possibilities of waste management originating frommunicipal wastewater treatment through the production of mineral-organic fertilizersbased on sewage sludge. The original method created for this purpose was used in thestudy together with the environmental assessment of this method. Therefore, the pur-pose of this publication is twofold. On the one hand, the first goal of the paper is todraw attention to the need to choose the appropriate method of utilization of sewagesludge, taking into account its characteristics and potentially harmful effects on theenvironment. The second goal of the paper is to assess the environmental impact ofthe selected method and demonstrate its eco-innovation.The first part of the paper is a theoretical introduction to the issues of sewagesludge management, as well as theoretical considerations on the essence of eco-inno-vation. The second part of the paper presents practical issues of production and appli-cation of the organo-mineral granulated fertilizer subjected to research, while the thirdpart – the methodology of the applied Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), including in par-ticular the application of Material and Energy Flow Analysis (MEFA) at the Life Cy-cle Inventory stage. The fourth section presents the assumptions and results of theconducted research for four alternative solutions for the production of organic-mineralfertilizers. The fifth and final part summarizes the results and contains a number ofconclusions and recommendations that should be considered in the context of the pos-sibilities of further product optimization.

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Politechnika Koszalińska






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Rocznik Ochrona Środowiska. Vol. 22, s. 561-588


Biblioteka Politechniki Koszalińskiej

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